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Elite Signals is the biggest professional trading community in the word and is home to EliteAlgo the worlds most advanced stand alone indicator EliteAlgo. Trusted by over 45,000+ traders.

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Join the worlds best and largest professional trading community. With over 45, 000 members and 30+ professional analysts, check out our highlights!

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Get BUY & SELL signals on any chart!

EliteAlgo works with any chart and any timeframe that's available to view on

Built in risk management.

EliteAlgo will automatically display the recommended take profit and stop loss for every trade.

Auto support & resistance

EliteAlgo will automatically draw support & resistance, trendlines and supply & demand levels.

Never miss an opportunity.

EliteAlgo will send you an alert when any new signal has been given straight to your phone or computer.

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Verified reviews from REAL members.

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Note: This member got Funded through MFF.

Just passed my phase 2 with that gold signal. On to the funded.

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Just wanted to say EliteAlgo is the best ever! Using Elite has taken my trading to another level! So happy to have Elitealgo 🤑
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Note: This member got Funded through FTMO.

Passed My FTMO Challenge with the help of Elite Algo 🏆🏆🏆

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Great Algorithm been using it from last 1 years if not more and took time to understand and be comfortable with a strategy but overall it's good and very help in trading... But I use it only for Forex nothing else ..
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First time 1K 😀. Technical signals from Elite Algo, Fundamental event and patience. Caught the slight bounce back too . Done for today
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Good morning guys I’m Deaf I want to say I am thankful to have Elite Algo. If I never purchase I won’t have like this. I’ve been low budget about $700 and grew in two weeks to more than $3,500. Im continues to see more results ahead. Honestly, I don’t share this profitable with anyone in Discord. It’s my first time seeing this!!! It is amazing!
Keith Griffin
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Today showed me how well Elite Algo smart signals work during slow price action. My overt tendency is to get out of trades when they reverse on me. $AMD took me close to my 1st TP right before 11am and then went out of profit. I'm so glad I trusted what the indicators were telling me because I closed with more profit than my target.
Rey 9One9
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Note: This member passed their FTMO challenge.

Just got funded through FTMO! Too easy.

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This is best platform I ever join and I have also been learning and doing a lot of research 🔬 but God intervene to give me knowledge lol let keep winning and support each other .. stay blessed guys
Black Jesus
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Good morning guy’s. I’d love to expose elite algo for its unmatched excellence. I’m lost for word’s by the power of this bot.In the past month I took 58trades. Win rate 50/58
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Thanks a lot EliteAlgo. Definitely game changer that strategy put my trade to another level. I’m trading over two I never been so consistent in the forex market very soon no more 9 to 5 trust me y’all should get EliteAlgo 🥶🙏🏿
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Here is my own review about Elitealgo, every trader must have it without any doubt, I have seen more then 30 paid indicator and I use all of them ending up using Elitealgo. Today I subscribe and the moment I look at the charts I felt amazed that what I'm looking for, Top Indicator In the world stop wasting your time and join...
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Elite Algo is a great platform, this is a trading institution👍🏼
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Still a very new member here (only had the algo for a week), but it is so great for learning trading! And the discord and admin are amazing to give more guidance. I had some experience trading crypto and stocks and now I’m learning Forex platforms! Honestly, the algo is worth so much more than what you pay because you get all this additional help and people giving you more trades...
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This is by far the best indicators i have ever used and this community is so awesome. Im glad i found this.
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Elite allgo was by far the best trading experience i ever came across, really good community, really good trading indicator and also really good detailed videos on how to trade with the indicator to give users a really good understanding on how to use it. highly recommended to others when asked about my trading journey.
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3 weeks in and my win rate has improved significantly, exactly works, plus the community is fireeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
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Elite Algo is the best indicator.
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Been here for 1 month this week and i posted some profit on 🚀#profits bro this is legit i tell you increased my win rate like almost 30% with awesome community and best analysts that provides signal and education. I will tell you this is the only indicator you will ever need to trade and be profitable
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I’ve been in elite algo for a year now and have gotten over 100+ people to sign up and use their indicator. They constantly post videos on updates, strategies and how to stay constant with elite. I vouch for them especially for new traders. They provide signals and other learning groups; crypto, options, day trading and more. And you can’t get that anywhere else
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Elite Algo is the best of the best indicator for executing orders on both forex, currency as well as stock, the indicator works perfect fine and you don't have to an advanced trader to use the indicator, it's community is equipped with material even a beginner can understand, the community has material on youtube, instagram, instagram as well as a discord channel you can contact...
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2 weeks in and my win rate has improved significantly, THIS WORKS, plus the community is fire!
Alan Toby
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Hi elite team I have just got onboard and using the elite algo, I would say the bot is great, helps me with my trades, as this is going to be my full time income very soon(being laid off) just looking for consistency now and pray the best outcome, thank you very much team. By the way great support when I ask admins for help. Kudos !!!!
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I have been using Qiko and James’s signals. In the first week alone I cleared enough to renew + extra. I am grateful for finding this group and telling others about it so they can understand trading better. Thank Elite team!
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Love Elite Algo. Learned so much with videos provided and improving every day. Admin is always replying on time. Thank you for support.
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88 pounds profit so far. This shit is legit. I rate so much the calls as wells they almost always perfect. I am still a newbie so hopefully we learn better. The videos are also goated.
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Heads up to @canarionazteca my 1000$ account went to 2000$ real quick with @canarionazteca trades and signals with help of elite algo
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Trend + price action confirmations + elite algo signals . Flipping this small account with elite algo $250 starting balance and now im at $350 march 12 to march 19 while testing different settings. Now that i find my sweet spot and im not messing with the settings anymore is when the probabilities will start working in my favor
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Note: This member got Funded through MFF.

I started using Elite Algo 2 weeks ago, started a My Forex Fund 100k evaluation 7 days ago and passed phase 1 today. Great tool , Great community.

Lincoln Ford
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Hi. I have been using Elite Algo for about 2 weeks now and it has really improved my trading. I really appreciate your hard work. Thank you for making this awesome indicator.
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Just wanted to say, while this is not about the system directly, it is about the support. I had an issue with the Algo initially on my charts with an error message, contacted @Admin - KOBA who responded very quickly and resolved the issue very quickly. While the system is legit, the support is even better! Thanks @Admin - KOBA!
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I need go buy 1 bottle of beer for all the admins of eliteAlgo.. This is me enjoying the market money .. gold signals swimming in massive profits
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Note: This member got Funded in 2 days.

This is me passing the challenge for my 100k funded account. I passed it in 2 days. This is insane. Looking forward to grow here and keeping learning. Not to mention all the tools and experts here to take ur trading to the next level

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A shout out to @Admin - KOBA - he's been coaching me and in less than a week I'm up 40% .. super practical and actionable tips, not the stuff you hear everywhere online! Just a decent, nice guy with something huge he's building! Can't recommend enough!
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Note: This member made enough profit to buy a car.

My ride courtesy of elite algo 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 I have been able to print thousands of dollars with the tool .... 💯

These reviews are from our Discord community, inside the "#testimonials channel."
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Once you have decided on a plan, you’ll get access to all Elite Signals indicators within 8 hours. After you received your activation email, you can find the indicators in your Tradingview account under “invite-only” scripts. You don’t necessarily need a paid Tradingview plan, because our indicators also work with the free Tradingview plan.

In addition, you get access to our VIP members area and our VIP signals area in our discord server. You will also receive the instructions VIA email. Get setup ideas, learn new strategies, and see settings from other members in the VIP areas.

EliteAlgo works on any international market including stocks, options, indices, forex, crypto trading, futures, and commodities. EliteAlgo works on ALL timeframes available on the Tradingview charting platform. You can utilize EliteAlgo for scalping, swing-trading, and intraday trading.

EliteAlgo also comes included with several built-in features such as take profit and stop loss suggestions, auto-support and resistance, informational dashboard and more. You can add EliteAlgo to your current trading strategy to provide strong confirmation and improve your win-rate.

EliteAlgo signals do not repaint. Repainting is when a signal may appear and then move around or disappear a few days later. This is commonly found in poorly coded scripts.

Yes. EliteAlgo is beginner friendly. EliteAlgo comes included with a course that teaches you how to set it up and use it properly, including all of its features.

We offer one all-inclusive membership which is just $67.95/mo. You can save 30%+ on your membership by getting the quarterly or yearly plans.

We provide world-class 24/7 support VIA email & from within our Discord group – you will not be left unanswered. You can also use the live chat on our website.

Yes, Elite Algo works on the Tradingview website and on the Tradingview App. It’s supported for Android and IOS.

Yes! When you sign up for Elite Algo you will receive an email with video tutorials! Tutorials are also available in the header of our website and in our Discord server! 

Our indicators work exclusively on the Tradingview website and the Tradingview mobile app for Android and IOS. We analyze the charts on Tradingview, wait for an entry-setup and execute the trade with a broker or in MetaTrader4/5. You can use EliteAlgo with any broker & platform.

Yes, because it shows you exactly where the trend is at the moment. Often beginners make the mistake of entering against the trend. Elite Algo helps you trade with the trend. You can find tutorials in our discord group and in case you need help our support will always be there for you.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply sending us an email at [email protected]

After you sign up you’ll get access to the indicators and the VIP discord area. It is important to join, as we have  strategy sections on discord, signals from pro traders that you can follow, watchlists, screeners, and you can also chat with other members.

Yes. We accept crypto for the quarterly, yearly, and lifetime membership plans.



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